To a Midwestern brewer, Silicon Valley buzzwords can seem a bit silly. In particular, the notion of “disruptive” change is tossed around with such abandon that it begins to become merely a mantra. The word is intended to convey fear, to tear down the our most fundamental notions about how things should be done.

After nearly four years in business, we are changing our name from Atlas Brewing Co. to Burnt City Brewing. The change is not voluntary, but it is certainly disruptive.
After a few months of trying to imagine how to shoehorn a new brand into our old image, we were almost literally struck with the realization that what we needed to do instead was burn it all down, rebuild from scratch, challenge old assumptions, become something new. We were proud of Atlas, and much of what we do as Burnt City will be consistent with what we’ve learned over the last four years. But with our name change, suddenly nothing is sacred and that’s exciting.

Burnt City Brewing may be the same people with the same principles but now we’re holding nothing back. We’ve rebuilt bigger, better and stronger. 
With your continued love and support, we’ll be cranking out some great things and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Photo Credit: Erik Cameron