Burnt City Brewing


I am still making order out of chaos by reinvention.

-John le Carre

About Us

We’re no strangers to reinvention. We burn things down, we rebuild, we get better each time.

These stories about our past are readily available, so we won’t waste space on them now. This is a new day.

We are currently brewing beer in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago, inside the District Brew Yards. This brewing collective is the first of its kind in the nation, housing a brewery, beer hall and shop in one location. We’re proud to be stewards of this unique concept and the positive change it brings to the brewing community.

At the Brew Yards we have 10 fresh, rotating drafts on our tap wall. Here you’ll find a few of our classic recipes but you’ll also find us experimenting with new ingredients and brewing techniques. You can also buy nearly all our offerings in 16oz 4pks and take it to-go. The Brew Yards is a distinct experience to be enjoyed by any craft beer lover. We hope to see you there.

In the meantime – 

Burn it down. Build it better.