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Year Round Beer

Burnt City Brewing Face Melter Hibiscus IPA can

Face Melter Hibiscus IPA
A righteous dose of hops and hibiscus give this IPA a powerful aroma of citrus and tropical fruit. Citra, Centennial, and Cascade hops team up to provide a strong, yet smooth bitterness. Intense flavor without a harsh aftertaste.
7.0% ABV

Burnt City Brewing Balloon Boy Farmhouse Wheat Ale can

Balloon Boy Farmhouse Wheat Ale
Easy to drink, but hard to pin down, Balloon Boy is a refreshing Belgian-style wheat that is fun for the whole family. Subtle tart citrus up front gives way to a beautifully complex fruitiness. A wheat ale that sits well with every kind of beer drinker.
5.0% ABV

Dick the Butcher Pale Ale can

The Illusionist Session IPA
Generous amounts of Ekuanot and Citra hops disguise the low-key ABV of The Illusionist. Tropical fruit and citrus flavors are chased with a delightful, balanced bitterness. A great choice when you want to drink beers all day without having to sacrifice flavor or wake up in jail again. 4.8% ABV

Double Dry-Hopped Small Batch

Burnt City Brewing Pterodactyl Deathscream Double Dry-Hopped DIPA can

Pterodactyl Deathscream Double Dry-Hopped DIPA
Pterodactyl Deathscream is full of late-addition Citra and Ekuanot hops. More of these, and Simcoe as well, are added as dry hops during active fermentation and again at the end of fermentation. It’s juicy tropical hop goodness screams in your face.
9.0% ABV

Burnt City Brewing Megalodon Double Dry-Hopped DIPA can

Megalodon Double Dry-Hopped DIPA
Like a giant prehistoric shark devouring a lesser shark and taking its powers for itself, Megalodon Double Dry-Hopped DIPA is enhanced with multiple additions of Ekuanot and Mosaic hops. Grapefruit, papaya and pineapple hoppiness is pervasive without a ton of bitterness. Oats give Megalodon extra body, just as the beer’s namesake would have preferred.
8.0% ABV

Seasonal Cans

Burnt City Brewing Freight Handler Milk Stout can

Two-Headed Boy Unfiltered Pilsner
Two-Headed Boy is a refreshing, unadulterated German-style pilsner. Crisp and clean with a subtle, honeyed malt flavor and a hint of noble hops. Good for shotgunning, sipping from the can, or pouring into a glass. You’ll wish you had a second head in order to drink this beer twice as fast!
5.1% ABV

Burnt City Brewing Oktoberfest Lager can

Burnt City’s Oktoberfest Märzen celebrates the wonderful German tradition as respectfully as possible. Fancy German malt and hops were used in this flavorful, quaffable amber lager. Malt notes are prominent, but the beer finishes dry. Hop character is subtle, adding a gentle floral aroma.
5.3% ABV


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